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Online Course : A Systematic Evaluation of Endurance

A Systematic Evaluation of Endurance

  Contact Hours : 3 Hours

  Price: $60.00

Course Description

This course provides clinicians with practical examination techniques for measuring central and peripheral components of endurance caused by cardiac pump dysfunction or failure, pulmonary pump dysfunction or failure, vascular pathologies and skeletal muscle impairments. Clinicians will be guided through an evaluation process in recognizing the individual and integrated use of information collected from the examination tests and measures of endurance components.

Course Objectives

  • Define and understand endurance
  • Differentiate between central and peripheral factors affecting endurance.
  • Identify relevant examination techniques to determine reduced endurance from cardiac, pulmonary, vascular and skeletal muscle dysfunction
  • Delineate objective methods for measuring endurance.
  • Evaluate the results of an examination to assess reversible and irreversible mechanisms of reduced endurance.

Course Topics

Topic Duration
Introduction 2 min
Central Pulmonary Component of Endurance 1 hour 13 min
Central Cardiac Component of Endurance 46 min
Peripheral Muscle Component of Endurance 21 min
Examination and Evaluation of Endurance 26 min

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